Our counsellors have been specifically trained in providing the relevant and necessary information regarding universities and colleges.


Our counsellors have been specifically trained in providing the relevant and necessary information regarding universities and colleges.

In order to pursue your studies abroad, seeking aid from a student consultant is crucial to improving your chances. That’s where we here at Global Wide Consultancy come in. As a renowned consultancy agency specializing in helping students to study in UK, Australia, and Canada, among others, our job is to make the whole process easier for you. If you dream of getting a visa and studying abroad at a leading university, we can make sure that you realize those goals and that the process is as simple as possible!

It is natural for academically gifted students to aim for a higher level of success in their chosen career. However, the whole process of choosing the right option for you can be overwhelming as there are just so many options to consider. It is for that exact reason that many students in Pakistan have turned to agencies such as ours to assist and advise them in gaining admission to universities abroad and answering any questions they may have along the way. Unfortunately, it is true that the university choices in Pakistan are not great. For those looking to improve their chances of success, studying abroad can be the key to embarking on the right path.

So, if you intend to continue your academic career in a foreign country such as the UK or USA, it will be of great benefit to you to consider availing of our services here at Global Wide Consultancy. As it stands, we are one of the first and foremost choices in Pakistan for those who wish to get a visa and to study abroad. The education consultancy firm, Global Wide Consultancy, has earned worldwide renown and acclaim for its efforts in offering advice and aid to International Students who aim to pursue their studies abroad. Our core belief is that education is a human right and should therefore be accessible by all.


Our Aim

Our core aim is to create a network which is constantly in direct contact with educational institutes with a view to providing awider range of beneficial options for the students. Additionally, it is hugely important to us to each learner in the appropriate challenges that match their individual needs. Looking into the future, we aim to bring an awareness to the wider public regarding the recruitment prospects we can offer.


Our vision

We here at Global Wide Consultancy strive to be known as a household name for our ability to provide an exceptional educational consultancy service for prospective international students. In order toachieve this, we have focused on creating an environment wherein each and every learner is granted the opportunity to access their individual potential.


Our mission

By providing a service that is both distinguished and effective, our goal is to set ourselves apart from the rest –thus becoming the new industry standard for student consultancy agencies. We also aim to maintain the excellent standards of higher education institutes via offering professional and highly-comprehensive supports to academic institutions and the student community alike


COVID-19 Information

The health, wellbeing and safety of all students and staffs are institution top priority. Institutions are currently offering a mixture of online and in class lectures, but mostly are teaching online from beginning of virus. This is subject to change depending on the government’s announcements.

Institutions are working hard to ensure students receive the support and high-quality learning experience that they are proud to deliver and putting measures in place to make sure students’ safety.

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