You think about it, the countries we all think of when it comes to studying abroad are places like the UK, the USA, and Canada. There is a good reason for this because it is a well-known fact that the top universities in the world are situated in these countries. However, trying to get admission to universities in these countries can be quite taxing and complicated. That’s where we here at Global Wide Consultancy come in. Our team of expert education consultants is on hand to assist prospective students and resolve all of your queries as you embark on your educational journey. As there are a wealth of insitute in these countries, our job is to assist you in choosing the one that matches your specific requirementsNaturally, each insitute will have its strengths and weaknesses that will benefit or hinder each individual. It is for this reason that we dedicate so much of our effort to finding the right institution for you.

Our core focus is ensuring that the student has a nurturing environment to study in that will enable their future growth as both an academic and an individual. Economic factors are also considered. We seek to find a match that has a reasonable fee structure.

In order to provide a comprehensive service, Global Wide Consultancy provides career counseling in addition to elaborating on all possible options for Pakistani students to get scholarships abroad. We also keep up to date with each new ramification of financial aid and fee waivers to ensure that the student gets access to the right course as cheaply as possible.The Global Wide Consultancy team consists of a group of individuals who are highly specialized in education consultancy. We aim to serve as a gateway agency to assist students who want to get a study visa and study in UK, US, Australia, or Canada.

Essentially, if this is your goal, our aim is to make that dream a reality!Choosing a career path is one of the most important things that you can do in this world, and it’s a tough thing to do alone. So, why not enlist the help of a dedicated agency to help you? When you’re faced with tough choices, every penny spent on a well-informed source of information and assistance is 100% worth it.

As educational counselors, our job is to act as career guidance advisors, pointing them in the right direction while they attempt to select the correct course and institution to match their aspirations.

Part of our job includes analyzing the educational history of our client base to get a good sense of which way their career is heading. Our in-depth approach makes us the number 1 choice for Pakistani students who wish to study abroad.