We aim to install ourselves as the catalyst that drives each and every international student toward successful outcomes by providing them with the necessary information and guidance that they need to make their vision a reality. As you can see, we do so much more than just consult. We aim to be the companion and aide to assist you in every step along the way, from getting your visa for the USA or elsewhere, to getting your qualification. For every big moment in your career, we will be there to inform, enlighten, and advise, if you need us. Our local branches are based in Pakistan whereas our international office is in the UKAs one of the leading international educational services in the world, 
Another driving force behind setting up the company was that market analysis revealed that there was a large gap in the market for a results-driven consultancy firm that cared about the careers of their clients after they had left their country. Global Wide Consultancy has ensured its success by amassing a massively experienced team to help students who wish to continue their studies in a foreign country. We offer an extensive range of services and our knowledge of the industry will ensure that your future as an international student will bear fruit. We set up our agency, Global Wide Consultancy, with the goal in mind of providing accurate, detailed information to all students who wish to continue their academic career abroad in foreign universities.
We surmised that students would benefit more if the consultant put more emphasis on placing them in the courses and countries that matched their identity and goals.Global Wide Consultancy goes a step further and matches the student’s past education with where they need to go in order to attain the highest level of success.Global Wide Consultancy offers guidance and an invaluable source of information that caters to the needs of each prospective international student from our offices in the UK and Pakistan.  What has instated us as such a reliable resource is our long-term track record in the realm of overseas education. We secure visas and admissions for those who wish to study in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland.
We secure visas and admissions for those who wish to study in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Ireland. Our team is comprised of experienced individuals based locally and internationally who aim to provide the most detailed and accurate information and guidance to both students and their parents/sponsors. Our approach is perhaps best described as ‘student-centered’. This effectively means that we supply all of the available information to the student in order to enable them to make the best possible choices regarding their future. Our student consultants simplify the process of applying to colleges and universities abroad. We’ll help you get the right documents to apply to your chosen course & university.